About Us

About Us

Benchmark church is a group of people that are set out to raise the bar about being a christian in today's world. We want to be a church that sets the benchmark for leading people to Christ. We welcome anyone and everyone with open, loving, and caring arms, because our "Benchmark" is Jesus and his written word, the Bible.


Come join us every Sunday morning and evening to fellowship and grow together as christians.

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Grow even deeper in the Lord and get to know others in the church by joining one of our small groups.


We have plenty of ministry opportunities going on, check out our ministries page and join one today.

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Where People Come To Pray

We are a chruch that strongly believes in the power of prayer. Come join us every Wednesday for a weekly prayer meeting.

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Tony Chick

Lead Pastor

In the beginning, Bonnie and I seemed like an unlikely pair to be brought together in marriage and maybe even more unlikely to be called into work of God, but as I often say “God doesn't call the qualified but he does qualify the ones he calls”. So now for close to 27 years, we have been involved in some type of ministry both lay and clergy. Bonnie, grew up in a christian home, but had never really made a firm commitment in her faith in Christ till later in her young adult life. I grew up with absolutely no understanding or inclination towards God.

Until the night of October 9th / 1991, where after spending most of my young adolescent years battling addiction and dysfunction I thought was normal, I would receive the gift of salvation and life for the two of us would never be the same again. A little more than a year later, Bonnie and I would meet on a double date with my boss Tom and his wife Debbie, who were Bonnie’s cousins and from that point on God would begin to lead us on this journey of faith together. As I write this biography, three children and four grandchildren later, we are now in our 6th year back in the church where she grew up and I got saved.

Not only are we in that particular church, we have also had the privilege of merging the church that I spent a great deal of time preaching in as a young pastoral student just a few miles up the road, into our congregation and creating the multi-campus church that is now known as Benchmark Church Hartland and Fenton. Our Fenton Campus has partnered with and operates as The Fenton Alano Club where we are witnessing lives not only changed but literally saved as we work to fight against alcoholism and addiction. Our Hartland Campus is where our Sunday Services are held along with a great deal of our small group ministries. We are watching the Lord do an incredible work of revitalization within a congregation that had dared to change their thinking and approach ministry from a fresh perspective. Bonnie and I are tremendously excited to share with all who would like to be a part of what God has done and is continuing to do in and through us in our ministry here at the Benchmark Church.